Treasures of the Hermitage

Our tour today is devoted to the Hermitage Museum inside the Winter Palace of the Tsars. Here are a few glimpses from among the hundreds of photos I took today.

Beautiful painting of the last Tsar, Nicholas
Beautifully decorated small throne room
The Grand Ballroom
Private chapel of the Romanovs.
Detail of the gold works above the altar of the private chapel
Hall of the heroes of the War of 1812 where Alexander defeated Napoleon. Alexander is on the horse at the far end.
Detail of one of the heroes
The throne in the grand throne room
Famous golden peacock clock
St. Sebastian
Madonna with child by DaVinci
Another madonna with child by DaVinci
Russian nobleman
Bathing on the Seine by Renoir
Self portrait by Rembrandt as an old rabbi
Hall with skylight
Adonis being killed by a wild boar
In the hall of Italian marble statuary
In the hall of Italian marble statuary. Could he be more fey?
Shepherd in the hall of Italian marble statuary.
We cross the square to another building housing a collection of modern art. This is St. John the Baptist.
Yuri Gagarin, the first Russian astronaut, shown on the left.
Smoker by Paul Cezanne
Harlequin and his companion by Pablo Picasso.
Zebras at a watering place by Pissarro
Place de la Concord by Edgar Degas
In the Garden by Auguste Renoir
Two Sisters by Pablo Picasso
In London by Charles Hoffbauer. Extraordinary how the dress catches the light and the wine glasses seem so real.

This is just a taste of what we experienced over many hours today. It was quite overwhelming. Tomorrow we go to Peterhof, the summer palace, and then board the train to Moscow.

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