Peterhof to Moscow

September 7, 2019 We take the hydrofoil from the front of the Hermitage Museum into the Gulf of Finland, crossing to the Summer Palace of Peter the Great – called Peterhof.

Entering the Gulf of Finland
The new Gasprom Tower – the only skyscraper in St. Petersburg
Peterhof Palace at our arrival,, before the 11am ceremony turning on the fountains
Hercules Fountain just before the system is turned on. A huge crowd has gathered to watch.
At last, with the glorious strains of the St. Petersburg Anthem, the gravity-fed fountains come to life.
Statue at Peterhof fountain staircase.
What are you looking at?
Grand staircase leading to Peterhof Palace
Ascending the staircase into the palace
The Hall of Mirrors
Art above the mirrors in the Hall of Mirrors
Art above the mirrors in the Hall of Mirrors
Throne Room with a massive painting of Catherine the Great on horseback. Notice the purple tint to the chandelier. Our guide explained that gold leaf was added to the crystals to create this effect.
Detail above doorway in Peterhof
Formal dining room
Gallery of women’s portraits. Only six models, attired in different regional costumes, are used in all these painting.
Detail of women’s gallery portraits
The hallway at Peterhof – you can see the endless ornate doors to new chambers receding into the distance.
Cozy bedchamber at Peterhof
Inspiring views leaving the palace
Fountain in the gardens at Peterhof
Beautiful church at Peterhof
Loading our luggage aboard the high-speed train to Moscow
Ready to fly at 150 miles per hour on the 4 hour train trip to Moscow
Street from our Moscow hotel leading to Red Square
First glimpse of the Kremlin
Festive street leading to Red Square. Today is Moscow’s 872nd birthday. It is a party everywhere!
Street performers giving concerts
Gum department store illuminated at night
Small church just off Red Square
Barry strikes a pose. This is as close as we could get to Red Square, which was closed by the time we arrived. We’ll be back!

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