St. Petersburg Panoramic Tour

We spend the day touring the most important sights in this marvelous city, commencing at a spot on the Neva River where two 3,000 year old sphinx statues from Egypt have been placed.

Group shot with St. Peter and Paul Fortress in the background
St. Peter and Paul Church where the Tsars and their families are buried
Misha, our wonderful guide, explains the significance of Peter and Paul Church
Tombs of the Romanovs
Royal tombs inside St. Peter and Paul Church
The final resting place of Tsar Nicholas and Alexandra and their children.
The spire of St. Peter and Paul Church gleaming in the sun.
The prison at Peter and Paul Fortress
Maxim Gorky was one of the many famous prisoners
The cell of Maxim Gorky
A hydrofoil on the river, similar to what we will take to Peterhof in a couple of days
Interior of St. Isaacs Cathedral, just beside our hotel
Christ the Redeemer – the focal point of St. Isaacs Cathedral
Detail of one of the massive doors at St. Isaacs Cathedral
Ceiling detail in St. Isaacs Cathedral
Church of the Spilled Blood
This canopy is erected over the spot where Alexander II was assassinated, hence the name “Spilled Blood” Church
All the iconic images inside the Church of the Spilled Blood are mosaics
Bejeweled central altar in the Church of the Spilled Blood
Church of the Spilled Blood is situated along a small canal

It was a full and exciting day of touring – including getting pulled over by a traffic cop! Tomorrow – The Hermitage!

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