Can’t Get Enough of the Pantanal

Our morning adventure consists of climbing down 900 steps to the base of the Boca da Onca Waterfall – the highest waterfall in this Brazilian state. We enjoy a refreshing swim in some of the nearby waterfall pools and then head to lunch. Most of us opt to ride back to the farm in a jeep, while several opt to climb back out by a different stairway consisting of about 1,500 steps.

Beginning our descent to Boca da Onca Waterfall
Crossing a river on the way to the canyon floor
A high platform with a view from where you can do a rappelling adventure
View of the Pantanal from the platform
Gabriel stops for a photo on the way down
Spectacled Owl spotted during our trek
Rocky prepares for a swim at in the pools of Boca da Onca Waterfall
Richard and Abraham smooch with Boca da Onca Waterfall in the background
Abraham overlays the tattoo on Vitor’s chest
Birdlife seen at the feeding trough at the Boca da Onca Farm, where we enjoy lunch
Birdlife seen at the feeding trough at the Boca da Onca Farm

After lunch we have a drive of several hours to reach the Pantanal Wildlife Reserve. As we approach our destination, we catch a spectacular sunset.

Sunset over the Pantanal in Brazil

After checking in at our fabulous lodge, we enjoy dinner and then embark on a night safari.

Family of peccary viewed during the safari
A tapir – a truly exciting find as most of us have never seen one of these before
The tapir has white tufts on the tips of its ears. Hopefully we’ll see one of these in the daylight for a better photo!

We had a great view of an ocelot, but I’m still getting familiar with a new camera and I missed the shot. Hopefully I’ll improve my timing in the days to come!

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