Blue Lake Cave and Waterfalls

We begin another exciting day in Brazil at the astonishing “Gruta do Lago Azul” — the Cave of the Blue Lake. It is 80 meters deep and 120 meters wide with a crystal clear lake at the bottom. There are amazing rock formations, and we are required to wear helmets to protect our heads in case anything falls from the roof of the cave.

Getting outfitted to visit the Cave of the Blue Lake
Beginning our descent down 300 steps to the bottom of the cave
The steps leading deeper into the Cave of the Blue Lake
Our stunning group photo at the edge of the Blue Lake

After our ascent from the cave we travel to Estancia Mimosa. The name Mimosa is a cute nickname for a cow. The lake at the Estancia provides an opportunity to observe wildlife while waiting for our delicious lunch.

Caiman and waterfowl at the Estancia
Brazilian ducks
Rhea birds
A burrowing owl beside its hole.

After lunch we don our swimsuits for another water adventure – swimming in pools at dramatic waterfalls.

Hiking through the jungle to our first waterfall
An excited group of potential swimmers
Once we understood the water temperature was frigid, four brave souls ventured to the base of the first waterfall
Ralph and Rocky rock the speedos at our second waterfall which involves swimming behind the raging waters
One of the most thrilling parts of the day is a 6 meter jump into the water below
We say farewell to waterfalls for today, knowing that tomorrow we visit the highest one in the State before our transfer to the Pantanal Wildlife Reserve

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