River Float and Macaws

Our day starts with a trip to a private ecological reserve called Recanto Ecologico Rio da Prata. We are outfitted in snorkel gear and transported to a trailhead for a 30 minute walk to a natural paradise.

Rocky and Ralph are suited up and ready to go
Transport to our hike starting point
The training point before entering the riiver
Look how clear the water is!
Frogman love on the Rio da Prata
The crystal clear waters make us feel like we are floating in an aquarium
Floating down the Rio da Prata
At one point we have to get out and hike around some dangerous rapids, but get back in again afterwards. This adventure goes for miles!
Floating through another world
Two rivers join together towards the end of the adventure, and the water is a little less clear, but crowded with life

After a delicious lunch we transfer to the Buraco das Araras, a huge sinkhole created when the roof of a limestone cavern collapsed millions of years ago. The walls of the formation, and the surrounding vegetation, are the home of hundreds of brilliant Macaws.

Dan at the entrance to the sinkhole Macaw reserve
A Macaw at the edge of the sinkhole
Two Macaws grooming each other, intimately
Time for a snack
Huge flock takes wing at the sinkhole. Isn’t nature the best artist?
The Macaws mate for life, and are monogamous
The best image of the day – the wonderful, protected feeling of being with the one you love

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