Sao Paulo Old City

Our city tour today is focused on historic Sao Paulo. We begin at the Central Cathedral. This cathedral is dedicated St. Paul, which gives the city its name. It is the main church in the city.

Central Cathedral with St. Paul statue.
Group at Sao Paulo Central Cathedral
Entering the Cathedral
Interior of the Central Cathedral
Confessional in the Central Cathedral

When you tell your sins here it is in a very public space. There are many confessionals everywhere, and it is easy to eavesdrop on the sins of others.

A special order of priests started here in Brazil called the Heralds of the Gospel
Each element of the costume has special meaning including the boots.
They are preparing to crown the Virgin Mary with a special musical performance
Beautiful mosaic of St. Paul inside the Cathedral
Teaching the gospels to the natives by the Catholic colonizers
Some of the original houses in Sao Paulo
Architectural style from the beginning of the 1900’s
The city was founded on coffee and we’re preparing to have some!
Shaky shot from the bus of the Luz Train Station, built by the British (imported from Scotland)
Train Station interior
Interior of the train station
The Central Market of Sao Paulo. All the fruit vendors were very freely passing samples of the most delicious tropical fruits
Of course the meat market is a vegan’s nightmare
Selfie with Sergio, our guide in the central market
Ralph applies for a new position as a market delivery boy

A wonderful introduction to a fabulous city! Tomorrow we visit the modern Sao Paulo!

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