Gujarat – Day 8

January 20, 2020 : Calico Museum of Textiles and Gandhi Ashram in Ahmedabad

There is a famous textile museum in Ahmedabad that displays an astonishing array of textiles in a gorgeous property. They tightly control access, allowing only 20 visitors per day who have registered months previously over the internet. Photographs are forbidden anywhere on the property, and since I’m all about the photographs and not so much about the textiles, I opt out of this morning’s visit to the museum. However there is a nice slide show about it on the Gujarat Tourism’s website and you can view it here:

After lunch we visit the Ashram founded by Gandhi in 1918 as he worked to revitalize the textile industry in the region. Later it became the headquarters of the struggle for Indian Independence.

Just outside the Gandhi Ashram we see the first protest encountered during our trip against the new Citizenship Act.
Protesters against the new Citizenship Act in India outside the Gandhi Ashram in Ahmedabad.
At the entrance to the Gandhi Ashram in Ahmedabad.
Using a spinning wheel like Gandhi used.
Gandhi’s desk and spinning wheel.
Glimpses of Gandhi at different stages of his life.
The one person in the world who did not need a postal address. He was so famous and his whereabouts so well known that anything addressed to Gandhi would find its way to him.
Photo of Gandhi outside his law office in South Africa.
Sabarmati River flowing through Ahmedabad. The Ashram is on the banks of this river.
Parakeets abound in and on the walls of the Ashram.
Gandhi walking to protest the salt tax. His followers grew and grew as word of this protest spread.
Portraits of Gandhi and his wife, Kasturba.
Leaving the Ashram, the protests outside have grown in size and volume.

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