Gujarat – Day 7

January 19, 2020 : Ahmedabad

Gujarat is a large State, and since we are doing a comprehensive tour of this amazing place it requires some long driving days. This is one of them. We depart from our Jambughoda Palace Hotel early and commence the long drive to Ahmedabad – making stops along the way for snacks, lunch and toilet breaks. As much as we have enjoyed the heritage hotels we’ve experienced, it is good to check into a Hyatt Regency for a couple of days once we reach our destination.

This evening we venture out to Law Garden – so called because it is located adjacent to a law school. On the long avenue fronting the garden a lively textile market takes place every evening. It provides great photo opportunities and incredible bargains to bring home. Later we experience a classic Gujarati Thali Dinner at an expansive restaurant including performance venues and a huge pottery museum. A tasty conclusion to another interesting day in India!

Students entering Law Gardens
Vendors hawk their wares on foot in addition to in the market stalls. Everything is so colorful and tempting.
A popular item (especially with me) is an embroidered king-size bedspread. I purchased this pattern (unfolded), but in blue fabric.
Soon an elephant trundles along and captures our attention.
She has been trained to collect coins and paper money in her trunk.
She then passes it up to her handler, who is taking in quite a haul this evening from Toto Tourists!
Ross shopping for jewelry. Some incredible pieces for not much money!
A shopkeeper sits amidst the splendor of his colorful offerings.
Not sure what got photographed more by our group members — the textiles or the shopkeepers!
Of course this colorful vest found its way into my shopping bag. Isn’t it outrageous? Now to assemble the other items in the ensemble.
Walking through this market is so colorful, it is a party for the eyes and other senses.
I pause for a sampling of a tasty treat of grains and spices sprinkled with lime juice offered by this street vendor.
Some new earrings for Ross?
Entrance to our wonderful dinner venue tonight.
We are welcomed with rosebuds.
The path to the dining area is illuminated by lanterns – not the electrical kind.
Displays of amazing pottery in the museum at this restaurant.
Entrance to the museum – photos weren’t allowed inside without payment of a hefty camera fee. There was one pottery piece that was more than 1,000 years old!
In addition to music and dancing performances, a puppet show draws the attention of children and their parents.
It is traditional to sit cross-legged at a low table when eating here, but accommodations are made for the elderly. We opted for the higher chairs!
The Thali dinner is served on leaves, and intended to be eaten with fingers. Delicious!

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