Train to Khabarovsk – Day 1

September 23, 2019 – We begin our epic journey departing Siberia and entering the Russian Far East. Our destination is Khabarovsk, and the total time on the train will be 50 hours (less the 2 hours we will jump ahead in time zones). Enjoy a few photos shot from the train window or at brief stops along the way.

A good deal of today’s travel is along a beautiful waterway.
The fall colors are nearing their peak, and provide beautiful reflections in the water.
Scenes from the train during day one of the trip to Khabarovsk.
An abbreviated list of our stops along the way. These are just the longer stops where we can get off and walk a bit.
Statue seen at one of our long stops today.
At lunch on the train we meet Sergei, Julia and Ivan. Fortunately we have one Russian speaker among us who helps with conversation!
Of course I need a selfie with Sergei.

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