Train to Khabarovsk – Day 2

September 24, 2019 – Train travel is really a wonderful way to see the countryside, and even though 50 hours seems to be a daunting number to spend aboard a train, they fly by quickly chatting with fellow tour participants, playing cards, watching downloaded Netflix shows. We even have a presentation from one of the group members about another epic adventure he took – along the Mormon Trail in the West. We have encountered few westerners during our train trip, but today we meet a lovely couple living in Brooklyn and the East Hamptons. We chat with them at one of the stops, and later they visit us in our private train car. For food, we order from the dining car or grab quick bites at kiosks during our longer stops, and somehow we make it to our destination (at 1:30am tomorrow morning) and are tumbling into bed at a lovely hotel. I’ll show you Khabarovsk tomorrow after our tour!

First hints of dawn at 6:30am today. Another sunny day! We simply can’t believe what great weather we’ve been having this entire trip!
We are running electric across Russia!
It is finally cold enough that Jerry can break out his chinchilla hat!
Gary sings an epic ballad about the Mormon trail as we follow along.
Listening to the ballad about the Mormon Trail. We learned a lot! Pay no attention to our hair. We’re into day 2 without a shower!
The setting sun in Russian Far East.
Dusk in the Russian Far East.

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