Final Day in the Pantanal

Saturday, August 10, 2019. During our final day of wildlife viewing in this incredible part of Brazil, we focus on the dazzling array of birds easily visible in every direction. Sincere thanks to Julia – one of our nature guides – for her assistance in identifying these amazing creatures…

Keeping a sharp eye out for his next meal, a Juvenile Savanna Hawk
Guira Cuckoo. That’s not a hairdo! It’s a hair-don’t!
We’ve all got this – a toucan! A Toco Toucan to be precise.
Ahem! Could you loosen this neckerchief? You tied it too tightly! Jabiru Stork.
I can cross the road faster than you can! (Where’s my ACME sign?) Male Bare-Faced Curassow, with a small Rufous Bellied Thrush in the lead.
These fellas were thick on the ground. Female Bare-Faced Curassow.
He stood as still as a statue the entire time we were watching. Obviously trying to fool some unsuspecting fish into thinking it isn’t real. Don’t you love the long wispy hair? Cocoi Heron.
Fresh from the hairdresser, looking cocky! Great Egret with reproductive plumage.
The cutest little owl – a Burrowing Owl.
A mommy capybara and her babies
Stopping for a snack and drink during our final safari
Preparing the setting for our farewell cocktail party at sunset
Ralph and Rocky, with Ian seated
Alex, Gabe Wood and Alberto, with Vitor kneeling
Abraham and Rich
Our entire group with the fantastic guiding staff at the Caiman Lodge in the South Pantanal
Dan with our guides and drivers at the final party
Candle-lit entrance to the site of our Farewell Dinner. It was like entering a fairy forest.
Panorama of our farewell dinner setting. A magical farewell to the Pantanal.

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