A Walk in St. Petersburg

September 4, 2019. I have arrived a day before the tour starts, so I spend my extra time exploring St. Petersburg on foot. Just outside our hotel is the beautiful St. Isaacs Cathedral.

St. Isaacs Cathedral

I walk the few blocks to the Neva River, passing the monumental statue of Peter the Great.

Peter The Great with St. Isaacs in the background.
At the bank of the Neva River
St. Peter and Paul Fortress on the far bank of the Neva.

What started out to be a cloudy day gives way to sunshine, and the golden ornamentation on the buildings really gleams.

I stop to visit one Museum during my walk, the Marble Museum
I think this grand ballroom is where the name of the museum comes from,, as it is lavishly ornamented in marble.
A few blocks down is the Summer Garden, with fountains and statuary everywhere
Fountain in the Summer Garden
From the Summer Garden I head over to Nevsky Prospect, one of the main shopping boulevards in St. Petersburg. This bridge has four wild stallions being restrained on each corner.
The buildings along Nevsky Prospect are architectural marvels.
I return to the hotel and collapse in a heap, having logged more than 16 thousand steps already today.

Tonight we have a welcome party, and our tour will officially be off and running!

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