Bulgaria & Romania: Transylvania

May 27, 2019 – Castle Bran and Rosnov Fortress

We cross the Carpathian Mountains today through scenic Rucar Pass and enter the region of Romania called Transylvania. When you hear the word Transylvania, immediately images from scary Dracula movies come to mind. We are setting out to visit Bran Castle which is certainly characteristic of somewhere Dracula would hang out.

Castle Bran in Transylvania.
Even though this place is popularly known as “Dracula’s Castle,” there is little association between it and the real person, Vlad the Impaler, who is reputed to be the inspiration for Bram Stoker’s Dracula. It is now a museum displaying the art and furniture collected by Queen Marie of Romania.
Entering Castle Bran
Door knocker at the entrance to Castle Bran
Tower seen from an interior courtyard in Castle Bran.
Dress from Queen Marie of Romania
Bedroom in Castle Bran
Beautiful furnishings in Castle Bran
John is perfectly happy not to encounter Count Dracula at Castle Bran.
Bedroom of King Ferdinand at Castle Bran.
Fireplace / room heater in King Ferdinand’s bedroom at Castle Bran.
A few kilometers away from Bran Castle is the impressive Rasnov Fortress, built as a place of refuge in case of attacks by the Tatars or the Ottomans.
Entering Rasnov Fortress.
C’mon guys! We’ve got a fortress to explore!
View of the mountains near Rasnov Fortress.
Hunk in a cage, ready to face whatever forms of torture we are about to mete out.
View in the direction of Bran Castle from Rasnov Fortress.
Dan looking like he’s been spiked by Vlad the Impaler!
At the end of a long day we arrive in Brasov to our beautiful rooms at the Aro Palace Hotel.

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