Bulgaria & Romania: Bucharest

May 26, 2019 – Sightseeing in Bucharest, Romania

This morning we meet Peter, our guide to Bucharest, and head out for a tour of the city and its highlights.

Peter, our guide to Bucharest
We disembark our bus at the beautiful Philharmonic Hall.
Mosaic of King Carol I adorns Philharmonic Hall. We’ll be hearing a lot about King Carol today.
We are at Revolution Square, with this spike symbolizing how democracy pierced and overcame the closed system of communism. Some call it the potato on a skewer.
King Carol I on horseback at Revolution Square.
Across the street is a well preserved orthodox church. It looks tiny next to the buildings surrounding it.
Next stop is the Parliament Building. It is the second largest single-purpose building in the world after the US Pentagon.
The Parliament Building is massive inside and out. We have a private tour, but many of the areas are closed for a conference related to the European Union Elections which are underway.
Bust of one of the early rulers in Romania.
An enormous conference room for Party Congresses.
The massive chandelier in the congress hall is reported to weigh five tons.
Massive room set up for a meeting of a small delegation of ministers of state.
This room is set up for discussions with representatives from many countries.
There are sound booths set up for simultaneous translations. Dan speaks only English, and nobody listens.
We transfer to the city center and begin a walking tour among the monumental buildings.
One of the most impressive is the National Bank of Romania, with a sparkling new copper roof which has not yet begun the oxidation process.
Front of the National Bank of Romania
Detail of the clock on the National Bank of Romania.
Mercury statue on the National Bank of Romania.
Another impressive bank building – this one from the Czech Republic.
Detail of the clock on the Czech Bank.
The National Court of Justice.
After lunch we make our way out to a village museum where houses have been collected from all over Romania.
Example of a housing style that was built half underground.
Example of old windmill at the village museum.
Roof of a church at the village museum.
Beautiful gate carvings with a lot of religious symbolism.
We have a chance to purchase some beautifully painted eggs.
Later tonight we enjoy dinner at Caru cu Bere, the oldest restaurant in the city.
A serving for two at the Caru cu Bere.
Clowning around at Caru du Bere Restaurant in Bucharest.
Clowning around at Caru du Bere Restaurant in Bucharest.
Clowning around at Caru du Bere Restaurant in Bucharest.
Of course the evening includes a little folk dancing. This particular dance made our guide, Branko, very happy!

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