Bulgaria & Romania: Sofia

May 20, 2019 – Arrival

Our tour group has been arriving gradually in Sofia, Bulgaria, throughout the past two days. The landing at the airport is pretty spectacular, as you see the snow-capped mountains at the edge of the city. It is about a 40 minute drive past some of the city’s most important monuments to our centrally-located Hotel Anel.

Entrance to Hotel Anel

The hotel is like visiting an art gallery with nearly every bit of wall space and floor space devoted to the works of famous Bulgarian artists. Here are just a few examples.

Entering the lobby
Hotel Anel Lobby Sculpture
By the stairs leading to the Mezzanine Level Bar
Rooms at the Hotel Anel are very large

My luggage was somehow “lost” by the airlines, and will be delivered later tonight. Meanwhile, I wander in the environs of the hotel to locate a shaving razor. There is a well organized metro system as well as electric trams running in the streets.

Tram in Sofia

Our group gathers for the first time this evening for a welcome drink, introductions, and a short briefing by our wonderful guide Branko.

Welcome gathering at Hotel Anel. Branko, our guide, is seen on the left.
Dinner tonight is at Victoria Restaurant.
The menu for our first taste of Bulgarian cuisine includes a Shopska salad, risotto with chicken, pangialo cake and beverages.

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