Island in the Sun – Splendors of Sicily

Our third Toto adventure in Sicily is about to get underway. I will be hosting the trip, and our wonderful Italy partner, Jon Bouillot, is going to be our guide. Here is where we will be going…

Our itinerary

Today I arrived in Munich, Germany on a non-stop United flight that left Chicago late Easter Sunday. Guess who got upgraded to seat 1-A?

Seat 1-A at the front of the plane.

There weren’t any really great alternatives for connecting to Palermo on the same day, so I opted to spend the night at the Munich Hilton right at the airport. It is so easy, and a lovely hotel. Here are a few shots to give you an idea:

Lobby of the Munich Airport Hilton – uber modern
Bar in the lobby. Notice the tall display of potted plants!
Pool at the Munich Airport Hilton
Gym at the Munich Airport Hilton

I take advantage of a good workout to end my day, hoping for a good night’s sleep to conquer my jet lag.

Your humble narrator resting his head between sets

Check back here frequently in the coming days to see what we are up to in Sicily. I fly to Palermo first thing in the morning!

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