Gujarat – Day 1

January 13, 2020 : Mumbai

Gujarat was once part of the Indus Valley Civilization which ranked with Egypt and Mesopotamia as one of three earliest cultures in the Old World. The westernmost state of India, it is a mystical kingdom of Lord Krishna & the birthplace of Mahatma Gandhi. Overlooked by many travelers visiting more famous sites, Gujarat is a rewarding detour from the usual tourist track.

World Heritage palaces and monuments, varied terrain and numerous sacred sites, amazing wildlife and some of India’s finest textiles and handicrafts make this an outstanding destination, even in a country already so overloaded with “wow” experiences. Toto Tours is known for specializing in focused regional itineraries in India, and we are excited to offer this state for the first time. From religion to nature, from economy to culture, Gujarat is one of the most glorious destinations in India.

Our beachfront hotel pool

We arrive in Mumbai today to begin our great adventure through the Indian state of Gujarat, where the Crown Prince is the only member of a Royal Family in all of India who has come out publicly as a member of the Gay Community. We are all atwitter at the thought of meeting the Prince and his husband, and staying with them at the Royal Palace. But for today we relax at our beachfront resort and get rested for the adventure to come.

Lucky me – upgraded to a sea-view junior suite.
An endless parade of beautiful people seen from my room entices me to venture down for my own walk on the beach.
Enjoy a few glimpses of my hour-long walk on the Mumbai Juju beach.
Bathing beauty
This police dog has been trained to dig a hole using both front paws to sniff for explosives.
Beautiful man selling cigarettes on the beach. His hair is stunning white.
Every time I’m swarmed for a selfie with locals, I ask for a photo in return.
Families take boat trips out into the sea for a look back at the city from the water.
Brilliantly colored juices – I have no idea what is actually inside these bottles.
Selling ears of corn
The beachfront dark glasses salesman
This man passed “Dress for Success 101” with flying colors!
Let’s get a little high and have some fun!
How to be a strict conservative and yet show stunning fashion sense.
Preparing for enlightenment inside?
Oh oh – here comes another swarm…
Yup! Sure enough! My reward for taking a million selfies with them.
Familial love…
Rocking the bell bottoms!
Preparing to catch a cricket fly ball.
Whoops! That one got away!
OK – I took a selfie or two myself.
My favorite selfie – I wonder why?
The endless cycle of time – evident everywhere on the beach.
Welcome drink by the beach at our hotel.
Our amazing guide, Gautam, at sunset during our welcome cocktail party.
Get ready for taste sensations at our Welcome Dinner.
Venue for our sensational Welcome Dinner.
Our group preparing to dive into a feast of local delicacies. We thought the dinner was finished after devouring a flood of dishes – only to find out those were just the appetizers!!!

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