Train to Perm

September 11, 2019 We have an unholy departure meeting time in the lobby at 3:30am to depart the hotel and catch our long-distance train across Siberia. This will be our home for the next two weeks, with a private train car that is uncoupled from the train at every stop and then rejoined as we continue the journey. This is our first long transit, departing Nizhny Novgorod at 4:50am and arriving in Perm at 9:41pm the same day (2 hours time change means we were on the train 16 hours). I must confess that I spent a good deal of that time catching up on sleep lost during our tours of St. Petersburg and Moscow, but the views of the forests and villages out the train window were spectacular. Here are a few scenes from our day…

Mural art in the Nizhny Novgorod train station.
Our train arrives at the Nizhny Novgorod station, and we’re off!
Example of one of our private car’s first class cabins with two beds (not yet made up).
Hallway of our private train carriage. We have 8 cabins total.
Crossing a small river in Siberia.
Lots of forests and fields viewed during our travels today.
The dining carriage aboard the train.
The cook hard at work preparing meals aboard the train in his tiny kitchen.
Short 15 minute stop to stretch legs at Kirov station. Most stops were only for 2 minutes, not allowing time to disembark.
We celebrate a birthday today with vodka and orange juice shared in one of the cabins.
Barry models the new Russian hat he received for his birthday today during dinner aboard.

After arriving in Perm at 9:41pm we have a bus take us to our hotel for a free evening. Tomorrow we tour ice caves!

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