Our adventure in Bolivia during August 2017 featured the tropical lowlands of Santa Cruz, and from there things only went up. We flew to Sucre and saw an excavation of the largest set of dinosaur footprints in the world. From there we ascended to over 13,000 feet in Potosi to go spelunking in the famous silver mines nearby. Then it was on to the incredible salt flats for a truly other-worldly experience. Next was Lake Titicaca and the gorgeous drive along the Bolivian Andes range from La Paz. After some fun and indigenous experiences on Sun Island, we concluded our tour in La Paz with a gondola adventure and a visit to the local witches’ market. This tour was a unique experience far from the typical South American tourist hotspots. Our local gay guide was a delight, and we will return to see more of his country in the future.

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