June 25 – July 5, 2020




11 Days



About This Tour

The typical Toto Tourist is an incredibly well-traveled world citizen. No doubt many of your destinations in the East have routed you through the incredible airport in Singapore, but how many of you have actually stayed in the city to enjoy its many delights? We are doing exactly that at the beginning of this adventure, spending three nights in Singapore to sample its wonders. Then we’re off to Bali to enter an idyllic paradise considered by many to be synonymous with “Nirvana.” Our stay in Ubud will bring enlightenment in many forms. Then we’re off to Flores for a three-night stay in an incredible resort, with a visit to the famous Dragons on the Komodo Islands. Your Incredible Indonesia idyll ends with two nights at the beach town of Seminyak on Bali. Join us for this wonderful sampling of the enchantments of the Exotic East

Tour Highlights

  • City-State of Singapore
  • Singapore Botanic Gardens *
  • Old Colonial Center of Singapore
  • Gardens-By-The-Bay
  • Ubud, Artistic Center of Bali
  • Labuan Bajo on Flores Island
  • Komodo National Park *
  • Pink Beach
  • Cultural Landscape of Bali *
  • Beach town of Seminyak
  • * UNESCO World Heritage Sites