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In Bhutan, the winds come howling down off the Himalayas, leading the Bhutanese to believe that a mythical god known as the Thunder Dragon watches over and protects them. The Bhutanese name for their country is “Druk Yul,” meaning “Land of the Thunder Dragon.” Their mythical god must indeed be protecting them, for Bhutan is one of the few countries in the world that has never been occupied or ruled by another foreign power.

Existing archives trace Bhutanese history back to AD450, although many of the intervening events remain a mystery. Guru Rinpoche is believed to have brought Mahayana Buddhism to Bhutan and then Tibet in the eighth century. Bhutan as it exists today first became a coherent political entity in the 17th century. This land-locked country sits at the base of the Himalayan Mountain range nestled between India’s northeastern corner and China’s Tibet region.

This is a remote place of remarkable natural beauty with a pristine and intact environment and a friendly, tradition-bound people. For the discerning international traveler who has been everywhere, Bhutan may one of the final frontiers. This tiny kingdom, barely the size of Switzerland, zealously sequestered itself from the rest of the world for centuries. It was only in 1974, fifty years ago, that Bhutan finally opened its doors to the world.

The Kingdom of Bhutan has adopted a very cautious approach to tourism in an effort to avoid its potentially negative impact on the country’s culture and environment. The policy focuses on high value travel services and low density of visitors. A significant daily fee charged by the government and the requirement that travel arrangements be prepaid through licensed agencies ensures a superior, intimate experience for travelers eager to explore the breathtaking terrain and interact with the delightful inhabitants of this astonishing country—the world’s last Buddhist kingdom.

Travel to Bhutan is really an exploration of traditions and a culture that has been preserved through the centuries. In Bhutan we are not going to see some display or cultural park that has been created for tourists. Rather, we will be sharing a true-life experience with the Bhutanese.

Toto Tours provides you access to one of the world’s most remote destinations and greatest vacation secrets. Our previous tours here have featured some fairly extensive trekking. This expedition focuses more on cultural experiences and adventures in nature without overnight camping. Come with us to a world like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. Two weeks spent in the land of the Thunder Dragon will change your life forever!


All plans for this tour are made considering the COVID procedures in effect at the time of publication. Entry requirements and vaccination requirements are subject to change at any time without notice. Please be sure you comply with the latest Bhutan entry requirements at the time of departure. For the safety of our groups, we encourage our tour participants to be fully vaccinated, and current with their covid vaccines (including any recommended boosters) by one month prior to departure.

Bhutan National Flag

Bhutan National Flag

Tour Highlights

  • Visit the Paro Dzong and Watchtower
  • Tour Thimphu, the capital of Bhutan, and experience its exciting market
  • Tour picturesque villages in the Haa Valley
  • Fly to the central Bumthang region to attend a local festival of cultural dances
  • Possibility of sighting the Black Necked Cranes migrating from Tibet
  • River rafting adventure in Punakha
  • Learn about the special powers of the “Divine Madman”
  • Hike (or ride a horse) to the dramatic “Tiger's Nest” monastery
  • Be amazed at spectacular views of the Himalayas

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