August 15 - 23, 2020







About This Tour

Toto Tours has been hosting specific tours celebrating Gay Pride in various major cities around the world. This year, we travel to Copenhagen, Denmark, which boasts the largest such celebration in Scandinavia. The tour begins in Stockholm, travels across Sweden to Gothenburg, and down along the North Sea to Copenhagen, Denmark.

Stockholm is built on 14 islands at the edge of the Baltic Sea. Nearly everywhere you look there is a view of the water. Sweden’s second largest city, Gothenburg, is like a miniature Amsterdam with its Dutch-style canals and leafy boulevards. Copenhagen evokes a fairy-tale atmosphere with its green towered skyline, large plazas, statues, fountains, gardens, tree-lined walkways, open-air markets, flower vendors on street corners, museums, galleries, and many sidewalk cafes. Its gay scene is legendary, and you won’t find a better place to celebrate Gay Pride!

Tour Highlights

  • Stockholm
  • Gamla Stan, Stockholm’s Old Quarter *
  • Drottningholm Castle *
  • Gothenburg
  • Malmo
  • Copenhagen
  • Kronberg Castle, inspiration for Hamlet’s Elsinore *
  • Copenhagen Pride Celebrations
  • * UNESCO World Heritage Sites