13 JUN - 30 JUN

About This Tour

Madagascar split off from the African continent 80 million years ago to form the world’s fourth largest island. It is a living laboratory for evolution – revealing quirky creatures and botanical marvels in its diverse landscape of spiny desert, tropical moist forest, tropical dry forest and mountainous terrain. The vast majority of its flora and fauna are endemic–meaning they exist nowhere else in the world–including more than 100 species of lemurs. Frogs, birds, chameleons, and the number one endangered tortoise in the world, Angokoka (commonly known as ploughshare) — all make their home in a country with a unique blend of Asian and African cultures.

Marco Polo first reported the island’s existence, and throughout the centuries embattled African slaves, intrepid Indian and Portuguese traders, European pirates, and French colonists have arrived at its shores and gone on to create 18 official “tribes.” During our travels, spot the creative spirit of the Malagasy people expressed in their thoughtful and colorful monuments in honor of their ancestors. Bring a spirit of adventure while you traverse this beautiful island paradise of arid and tropical contrasts and you will be amply rewarded with Malagasy hospitality and incomparable memories.

Tour Highlights

  • Antananarivo, capital of Madagascar
  • Royal Hill of Ambohimanga *
  • Lemurs’ Park
  • Rainforests of the Atsinanana *
  • Berenty Reserve on the Mandrare River
  • Andohahela National Park
  • Nahampoana Reserve
  • Sandstone Canyon Massif in Isalo Nat. Park
  • Independence Day in Tana
  • Parc National d’Andasibe-Mantadia
  • * UNESCO World Heritage Sites