October 15 - 30, 2018

About This Tour

In our 28-year history, Toto Tours has taken travelers the world over, and one of our favorite places is India. The second-most populous country on earth and the seventh-largest by area, India is so vast that one cannot do it justice with an overview tour. It is better to visit one region at a time. In October 2018 we make our first visit to the south-western state of Karnataka. Diverse geographically, with three principle zones of highlands, plains and coast, Karnataka is equally diverse as a heritage center of India. Settled since Paleolithic times, the region has been shaped over millennia by the cultural influences of at least 10 different empires. Every corner of India is unique, and Karnataka offers new sights, sounds, festivals, and wildlife never seen before on our India tours.

Tour Highlights

  • Bangalore, capital of Karnataka
  • Royal City of Mysore
  • Hindi Festival of Vijayadashami (Dasara)
  • Nagarhole Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Jain Pilgrimage Site of Sravanabelagola
  • Temple Town of Hampi *
  • Historic Complex of Aihole
  • Hindu & Jain Temples of Pattadakal *
  • Badami Cave Temples
  • Churches and Convents of Goa *
  • * UNESCO World Heritage Sites