15 MAY - 25 MAY

About This Tour

The historical boundaries of Thrace have varied over the centuries, but ancient Greeks referred to Thrace as western Turkey, southern Bulgaria and northeastern Greece. When one thinks of Thrace, the epic exploits of Alexander the Great, the mysterious monasteries of Mount Athos and Meteora, and the eternal home of the Gods on Mount Olympus spring to mind. We journey to amazing Thrace to connect with the roots of Western Civilization.

Northern Greece offers a dramatic range of terrains and cultures. With beaches to rival the islands, and historical sites equal to those in the capital, the region is teeming with ancient Roman amphitheaters, towering monasteries, Byzantine castles, and medieval old towns. This 10-day tour includes no less than 6 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and an optional 4-day extension to Athens includes two more in the Acropolis and Delphi.

Tour Highlights

  • Paleochristian and Byzantine Monuments of Thessaloniki *
  • Mount Athos Monasteries *
  • Seaport of Kavala
  • Macedonian site of Philippi *
  • Hellenistic center of Vergina *
  • Mount Olympus, “Home of the Gods”
  • Monasteries of Meteora *
  • Lakeside city of Ioannina
  • Old Town of Corfu *
  • Athens’ Acropolis * (extension)
  • Oracle of Delphi * (extension)
  • * UNESCO World Heritage Sites