March 3 - 12, 2019







About This Tour

The word "Carnival" refers to the festivities that occur in many predominately Catholic cities around the world every year prior to the Lenten season. These celebrations typically involve a parade combining some elements of a circus, masks, and a huge street party. However, every country brings its own character to their own Carnival, and Mexico has some of the most exuberant in the world.

Carnival usually begins with the Quema del Mal Humor, the "Burning of Bad Mood," usually an effigy of an unpopular political figure whose burning symbolizes people leaving behind everyday worries so that the merriment can begin. There is the crowning of a Carnival Queen or King, with parades, fireworks, games and rides. On this thrilling 9-night tour, you will experience historic cities, archaeology, architecture, agriculture and wildlife, plus the delightful revelries of an unforgettable Mexican Carnival.

Tour Highlights

  • Mexico City *
  • San Cristobal de las Casas, cultural capital of Chiapas
  • Village of Chamula
  • Zinacantan in Chiapas Highlands
  • Native Zoque Carnival of Ocozocoaultla
  • Artisan Village of Amatenango
  • Potiltik Orchid Farm
  • Tonina, pre-Colombian archaeological site
  • Mayan Site of Palenque *
  • Wildlife Cruise in Laguna de Catazaja
  • Villahermosa, Capital of Tabasco District
  • * UNESCO World Heritage Site