September 2019

About This Tour

Siberia! Thanks to popular novels and movies, the word conjures up images of an endless expanse of barren, frozen wastelands – a place only suitable for prisons, labor camps, and exile. The reality is that this region, although remote and scarcely populated, is an ideal destination for Toto travelers who appreciate the beauty of untouched nature, fantastic landscapes with green valleys and high mountains, and rich flora and fauna.

The best way to explore Siberia is to make a rail crossing via the world famous Trans-Siberian Railway. The Trans-Siberian railroad, still the longest in the world, celebrated its centennial of continuous service between European Russia and the Pacific Ocean port of Vladivostok in 2016.

This is a sneak-peek at our plans to undertake this expedition in September of 2019. The dates and pricing are not yet finalized, but we can share the itinerary as it is currently being operated by the railroad company. Our aim is to have sufficient advance reservations to be able to secure a private, nine-cabin train carriage for our group. The carriage is decoupled from the train at our overnight stops, meaning that even though we sleep at a hotel in those towns, we won’t have to unpack everything. We can leave our belongings on the train carriage and take only what we need for the one- or two-night stay.

After reading the itinerary below, click the “Book Now” button to hold your space for this once-in-a-lifetime adventure. Deposits will be fully refundable up until two weeks after the tour is finalized with dates and pricing. Getting your deposit in now will secure your space on this exclusive expedition that is sure to sell out quickly. If you are a dedicated world traveler constantly in search of stunningly beautiful new territories to explore which are as yet absent the tourist hordes, this is the trip for you in 2019!