Nov 20 - Dec 1, 2019

About This Tour

Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana are the three smallest countries in South America and comprise a large landmass north of the Amazon River known as the “land of many waters.” Whereas the Portuguese settled Brazil and the Spanish captured much of the rest of continent, the British ruled Guyana, Suriname became a Dutch colony, and French Guiana was a remote outpost of France. Novelist Evelyn Waugh referred to the Three Guianas as “those three little gobs of Empire,” and they represent a lot of colonial history and hint at a treasure trove of unexplored paradise.

Most of the land in the Guianas is a lost world of primeval nature, with very little infrastructure in the dense rainforest interior. In fact, much of it is unexplored, so its history and culture merge together on the edges of the Caribbean coastline. This tour combines a little bit of everything, with wildlife and waterfalls, rivers and rainforests, savannahs and seaside towns. This is the tour that many of you have been waiting for to expand the number of countries you have visited in South America. It is not likely to be repeated soon, so seize this opportunity to spend an unforgettable Thanksgiving with us in an off-the-beaten-path tropical paradise!

Tour Highlights

  • Georgetown, capital of Guyana
  • Guyana Rainforest *
  • Kaieteur Falls
  • Orinduik Falls
  • Essequiba River boat adventure
  • Paramaribo, capital of Suriname *
  • Nieuw Amsterdam, Suriname’s historic government center Kourou, French Guiana
  • Devil’s Island (made famous by the movie “Papillon”)
  • Aerospace Center
  • Jodensavanne, Jewish settlement
  • Peperpot Nature Reserve
  • * UNESCO World Heritage Sites