Train to Novosibirsk

September 14, 2019 We boarded late last night, and spend the entire day on the train today. It is amazing how much fun you can have just hanging out with your friends! (And sleeping)! A couple of hours after we depart Yekaterinburg we officially cross into Asia / Siberia. Most of us are asleep by that time, but I am editing my photos in my cabin and have a little celebration with Evgeny. The dining car on this particular train isn’t as fancy as our last one, and we have to do lunch in two separate seatings. Most of us purchase snacks for dinner at our one long 30-minute stop in Barabinsk. We arrive in Novosibursk at 7:51pm and transfer immediately to our centrally located hotel for a restful evening or personal exploration.

Handwritten list of stops telling us the names of the cities, arrival and departure times, and how long we will be in the station. God forbid you are a few seconds late – they shut the doors and the train departs without you!
Arriving in Omsk. Such great names of towns!
Our longest (30 minute) stop in Barabinsk. I purchased instant potato soup for dinner. It was actually delicious!
Historical train on display in Barabinsk. Love the pink trim!
Evgeny conducts a Russian class for half the group, with a helpful handout. The test will come later.

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