April 17-30, 2017

About This Tour

Created out of the ashes of defeat in World War I, the single, autonomous state of Yugoslavia was a false political construct from international treaties. Tensions between many ethnic groups, who were anything but autonomous, led to violent civil war that broke up the country in the early 1990s. Peace now prevails in the region, and the now-independent countries Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia and Bosnia-Herzogovina have become some of Europe’s hottest travel destinations. This new tour visits 11 spectacular ancient cities and 5 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, with 3 nights each in Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, and Bosnia. These Balkan Beauties blend medieval with the modern, taking you from the mountains to the shores of the Adriatic Sea.

Tour Highlights

  • Belgrade, capital of Serbia
  • Roman citadel of Gamzigrad-Romuliana *
  • Nis, one of Europe’s oldest cities
  • Sopocani Monastery *
  • Ottoman town of Novi Pazar
  • Fortress-settlement of Kolasin
  • 13th-century Moraca Monastery
  • Riviera of Budva
  • Walled medieval city of Kotor *
  • Red-roofed Old City of Dubrovnik *
  • Old Bridge and Old Town of Mostar *
  • Sarajevo, capital of Bosnia-Herzogovina
  • * UNESCO World Heritage Sites