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All our lives we have heard about how marvelous it is to go to Africa on Safari. It has been romanticized in wide-screen epic adventures and immortalized by Ernest Hemingway in The Snows of Kilimanjaro. We invite you to come with us to experience the ultimate safari in East Africa, where game reserves and parks contain the highest concentrations of wildlife on the continent.

Tanzania is the largest country in East Africa and boasts a remarkable number of World Heritage Sites, including two we will visit on this tour: Serengeti National Park, and the Ngorongoro Conservation Area. In fact, the Serengeti is so vast that you can drive for an entire day and not encounter any other human beings. Game viewing in Tanzania is more spectacular than anywhere in the world.

Kenya is a startlingly beautiful land, from its low-lying coastal lands to the lofty heights of its most prominent geographical feature. Above all, Kenya is a place for safaris. Between these two extremes is the rolling savannah that is home to game parks such as Amboseli, and the Masai Mara; the lush, agricultural highlands with their sleek green coat of coffee and tea plantations; and the most spectacular stretch of the Great Rift Valley, the giant scar across the face of Africa. One-tenth of all land in Kenya is designated as national parks and reserves.

These two neighboring countries have dozens of ecosystems that give rise to a host of different species of mammals and birds. Here you can find everything you hope to see on Safari, including wildebeest, elephant, buffalo, hippo, zebra, leopard, cheetah, lion, giraffe, impala, oryx, monkey, baboon, rhino, dik-dik, waterbuck, jackal, gazelle, hartebeest, topi, ostrich, flamingo, heron, kingfisher, egret, ibis, stork, crested hawk eagle, and many more.

The countryside itself is part of the drama: bulbous baobab trees with their massive trunks, kopjes (granite outcrops) that stand alone on vast plains, the Great Rift Valley punctuated with soda lakes covered white with salt, golden savannah to volcanic highlands, and lush, green hills. The altitude ranges from sea level to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro at a lofty 19,340 feet, which contributes to the startlingly diverse landscape.

This region has more National Parks and protected land than any place on the continent. It is to this remnant of an Africa that once existed but is quickly vanishing that Toto Tours takes you on a classic wildlife Photo Safari. We are going to do it in style, giving up none of the comforts of home by staying in beautiful lodges erected in the most striking settings to be found on earth, including one deluxe tented camp!

Breakfast and dinners at the lodges are sumptuous. We pack a picnic lunch to enjoy during full-day game drives, but often return to the lodge for lunch, giving you the option of sleeping in or taking an afternoon off to lounge by the pool. In the evening you can keep abreast of world news, sip cocktails at the bar, and enjoy educational films or live performances of native music and dance.

Our days are spent enjoying close-up game viewing from the comfort of our four-wheel drive vehicles. Every passenger has a window seat, and the pop-up roof allows one to stand for unimpeded views in every direction. Awake to the gentle cooing of the African Dove, marvel at the vast and unspoiled landscape illuminated by the African sun. Witness in awe thousands of wildebeest racing across endless plains, the majesty of an elephant only yards away and the supple strength of a lioness stalking her prey.

Come and enjoy the unsurpassed safari experience only Tanzania and Kenya can promise! You will feel like you have been cast in a dramatic episode of The Wild Kingdom. Grab your khakis, your pith helmet, your camera and binoculars, and let’s go on Safari!


All plans for this tour are made considering the COVID procedures in effect at the time of publication. Entry requirements and vaccination requirements are subject to change at any time without notice. Please be sure you comply with the latest entry requirements for Tanzania and Kenya at the time of departure. For the safety of our groups, we only accept tour participants who are fully vaccinated, and current with their covid vaccines (including any recommended boosters) as of 4 weeks prior to departure. Proof of vaccination will be required no later than 4 weeks prior to departure.

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This Toto Tours Cultural and Scenic Wildlife Safari is accessible and suitable to all those with good health and no mobility issues. You must be able to climb in and out of safari vehicles, as well as move around inside them unassisted. You must be able to tolerate riding on uncomfortably uneven, bumpy roads for long periods of time (3-6 hours maximum), as well as some off-road experiences when opportunities allow. You must be able to stand and / or walk moderate distances when visiting villages, towns, or other sites. This walking will be on uneven ground or uphill, often at altitudes which many people are not used to. You should generally be in good health and prepared to travel to locations without medical facilities. We recommend you commence a daily walking and stair-climbing regimen well in advance of this tour to boost your endurance and enhance your ability to enjoy this adventure to the fullest extent.